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One of Brazil’s largest coffee cooperatives, Expocacer, recently launched operations in the United States, opening a logistics hub in Delaware.

The Patrocínio, Minas Gerais-based group — which currently exports green coffee originating from more than 600 producers to more than 30 countries — said it recently sent its first full container to the new Delaware hub, including about 320 60-kilo bags of coffee. 

Expocacer, also known as the Cerrado Coffee Growers, first announced intentions to open a U.S. branch 10 months ago. The group says the new Expocacer USA business is expected to increase sales of coffee to the U.S. market by 10-15% in its first year. 

In 2023, the cooperative sold more than 1.3 million 60-kilo bags globally, with more than 40% going to export markets and the remainder sold domestically.


Elements of the new Expocacer brand, via

“The [U.S.] hub will open new market doors throughout the country, as it is strategically located in North America,” Expocacer Managing Director Simão Pedro de Lima said in an announcement of the business launch last week. “We will be able to offer coffee with immediate delivery, in any quantity. This will be possible because now we will always have available coffee in warehouses, on behalf of Expocacer USA.”

Expocacer recently rebranded, while highlighting its growing focus on the international specialty coffee market, as well as environmental sustainability through supporting regenerative agricultural practices.

“The cooperative’s mission is to take the name of its members directly to those who buy our coffee,” Expocacer Board Chair Fernando Beloni said. “Having one of our units in the United States is the result of our dedicated work [to] produce coffee with quality and sustainability, generating a positive impact on the market.”

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